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History of ACA Solar

ACA Solar Inc. was actually a spin off from ACA Technology Inc. that was founded back in January 1995 in Chino Hills California.

ACA Technology Inc was the United States distributor for NB Solar who were manufacturers of solar silicon wafers, semi conductors and PV solar panels.

In order to help promote their products ACA Technology Inc. was also providing consulting services for this new renewable energy industry. As the expert in the solar industry, David Chern was the man people went to see about their solar projects.

As the orders started coming in David learned the electrical companies really didn't understand the mechanics of how a solar system worked or the materials required for a properly installed system.

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In David's frustration, he decided that ACA Technology Inc. would offer a design and installation package that would include everything needed to install a proper system.

Because ACA Technology was only providing materials and advising on how to properly install solar, many of the contractors started cutting corners and told David that he had no practical experience in the installation process so they wanted to leave out or degrade the proper materials to save money. David would have no part of this so refused to design any more projects for these contractors because he did not want his name associated with substandard projects.

David then took the next step and applied for his electrical and solar license and at the same time his general contracting and landscaping licenses.

After receiving all four licenses ACA Technology decided to form ACA Solar Inc. and in December of 2004 joined the solar installation business.

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